Grade School Drummers Chosen for Poster Kids

Written by Patricia Villers, Published by New Haven Register, January 06, 2003. Reprinted with permission.

— Photos of three city children will be featured in a marketing campaign for the Connecticut Association of Non-Profits. Eighth-grader Jackie Parks, sixth-grader Kenyon Beene and fifth-grader Sierra Roseboro were among 10 Ansonia students who participated in a Drums Not Drugs course this fall at the Howard F. Tinney Community Center on Olson Drive.

Drums Not Drugs is an interactive drug prevention program designed to give students a positive after-school outlet. The program was funded with a $10,000 grant from the Katharine Matthies Foundation.

The course was taught by Hector and Neal Joseph, natives of Trinidad who are members of Ajali, a folk group. The musicians have been artists in residence at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury since September 2000.

The Connecticut Association of Non-Profits is creating a public service campaign to bring attention to what nonprofits do in their communities.

The Hartford-based nonprofit association contacted Lorrie Driscoll, prevention specialist for the Valley Substance Abuse Action Council, to discuss the Drums Not Drugs program. The council is part of Birmingham Group Health Services, a non-profit social services organization based in Ansonia.

Driscoll got permission to take the three students out of school early just before Christmas vacation to attend a photo shoot in Glastonbury for a picture to be used on a poster and a postcard.

"Each of them was interviewed about why they got into drumming, how it helped them and why they like it," she said.

The poster is slated to be part of a traveling exhibit that will start in Hartford at an undetermined date.

Kenyon, 12, said the three were selected because they serve as the leaders of the drumming group. He said being photographed was fun until his legs got tired. "They took a lot of pictures," he said.

Part of the drum course includes having graduates perform in public, and the Ansonia group recently performed at an Ansonia Housing Authority Christmas party at Rapp’s Paradise Inn.

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