AJALI Leads Workshop at the Farmington Valley Arts Center Summer Arts Camp Children's Spirits are lifted at Children's Hospital Medical Center
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“What an incredible experience for our students! Not only have they benefited musically, but they have had a unique opportunity to learn about another culture.”
-Mary Lou Cobb
Head of school for
The Cobb School Montessori

Children perform the "Limbo"
The Popular "Limbo" as well as Calypso music and dance, both originated in Trinidad . Limbo is the national dance of Trinidad and Tobago .



“The members of AJALI were guest artists for two full days at our annual Enrichment Consortium at both of our elementary schools. They did a superb job adapting their workshops to fit our needs. They received an overwhelmingly positive response from our students and teachers alike.”
- Dorine Cohn
Enrichment Teacher, Avon Public Schools


“AJALI has been a pleasure to work with. I can always count on them to do great performances and conduct awesome workshops. Their energy is contagious! The kids in our summer arts camp really look forward to them coming back.”
-Laura Davis
Education Director of The Farmington Valley Arts Center


“Marceline, Gerard and Neal are passionate ambassadors of Caribbean dance and drumming. They are extremely flexible as they are able to teach people of all ages and abilities.“
-Dorothy Silverherz
Chair -Visual Performing Arts Dept., The Ethel Walker School

“It was so exciting having AJALI as guest instructors. Their whole approach to the class made everyone feel so comfortable. Gerard, Neal and Marceline brought a wealth of knowledge, not just technique but history and culture. They really pulled everything together for us. It was an added bonus.”
-Susan Murphy
Dean for Dance / The Hartford Conservatory
 "Professional, joyful, entertaining…AJALI put on a terrific show! What a wonderful addition to our multi-cultural music festival.”
-Laura Soll
Event Manager / The Bloomfield Drum Festival


“Drumming and dancing with AJALI has been such a wonderful experience for my children. They have excelled in areas they had previously thought were not possible. Their level of self-esteem is immeasurable. Gerard, Neal and Marceline are truly gifted teachers. Our association with them has been both enriching and rewarding for our entire family. ”
-Betsy Van Gemeren
Parent of 3 children in AJALI workshops
and founder of The Drumamas, a mothers' drumming group



"Marceline Morris of the Trinidad-based drum and dance troupe Ajali, left, runs Gino Cahua and other West Hartford students through a dance umber Wednesday. The students are enrolled in the REACH program, an alternative high school for the town run at Conard High School, and have been working with the troupe under a grant from the Greater Hartford Arts Council."

“I can honestly say that everybody enjoyed the workshops, but it was especially nice to see those who may not stand out in other areas, really plug in to what was happening. AJALI’s workshops provided students a unique forum to express themselves and receive positive feedback in a way they had not experienced.”

-Rina Hoffman

Home/School Liaison for REACH, the alternative high school of West Hartford and recipient of the Greater Hartford Arts Council Grant for the Caribbean Drum/Dance Workshop



AP Biology students get motivated with AJALI at the Ethel Walker School “To make it through any AP course, students have to be greatly motivated and able to keep the pace. I’ve invited AJALI to come to my opening class for the past two years. While students used to feel nervous and overwhelmed the first day, this puts them at ease right away. Drumming and chanting together is a unifying experience and a fun thing to do. Kids love it!”
-Dan Dreyfuss
Science Teacher at The Ethel Walker School


"Getting to play drums and sing real loud was such a stress reliever”
-Noor Al-Hamed

“I really had fun! Drumming together made me more comfortable with my classmates.”
-Jarrea Youmans

“I was totally psyched! Definitely!”
-Christy Ward