Drumming for Wellness...A Sound Idea


The ancient ways of drumming, dancing and chanting have been studied and validated by health care professionals as energizing, stress reducing, immunity building and therapeutic for the body and mind.


Drum Unity

Corporate Drumming Program

  Are your employees in need of stress relief?

A morale-booster?
Creativity release?

The Drum Unity Workshop offers a unique team-building experience while touching
upon history, diversity and the arts. Working together in rhythm to promote
cooperation rather than competition, results in a feeling of group synergy and
cohesion. The accessibility of hand drum playing, even to those with no musical
training, enables everyone to experience instant success. Drumming can be
enjoyable and motivating to anyone, regardless of ethnic or cultural background,
musical preferences or age, and is useful in creating a feeling of belonging and
a strong sense of group identity.


Drum Unity programs (www.drumunity.com) are led by AJALI. The members of AJALI have been in the U.S. since September of 2000 as the long-term artists-in-residence at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT. In addition, they are the sole instructors for Drums Not Drugs* an educational youth programs in which students develop leadership and job training skills through the building and playing of West African hand drums. AJALI has performed and led workshops for Fisher Price, Fleet Bank, Hartford Hospital and numerous corporate and non-profit organizations throughout the Northeast.




Let AJALI engage your employees in a hands-on traditional Afro-Caribbean drum/dance workshop! Great for team-building, diversity training or to use as a fun ice-breaker for your group!

Drum Unity helps to foster links between non-profit social service agencies and the business community, creating learning opportunities for youth and adults. Student leaders are empowered to give back to their communities by performing, leading workshops and facilitating drum circles in a variety of settings.  


For more information about Ajali Drumming Programs or Riverfront Recapture's Corporate Drumming Program, please contact: 

Gerard Hector
Canton, CT 06019
Tel: 860-352-2366
Email: info@drumunity.com

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